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Sadventure time!

Come on grab your tissues!

We’ll go to a land with emotional issues

With Marcy the vampire

And Simon the Ice King

The Tears will never end!

It’s Sadventure time!

There was this man who was engaged to a woman he loved very much, but he was going crazy and she left him. Alone and confused, he wandered around what was left after a nuclear war that wiped out the Earth. He found a little girl and took care of her.

This little girl’s father abandoned her and her mother was dead. The man & the girl found each other and loved each other. 

However, he was going crazy again and before any harm would be done to her, the little girl had to part from him.

Eventually, he forgot about her and completely lost his mind and his memories.

And then there is this scientist who creates life because she is unable to have children.

And then there is this baby boy who was found alone. He is the last human. His real family is gone so another family adopted him. Unfortunately, they died too and now all he has is his older brother.

Just like the little girl and the man, all these brothers have is each other in the ruins of the world.

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